C1 Chop Saw – Thailand
Pipeline Cut and Lift


Case Study

Project Overview: Pipeline Cut & Lift

Location: Thailand

Client: James Fisher Offshore: Chevron, Erawan field

Decom Engineering supplied specialized C1-12 and C1-24 chopsaw spreads for multiple large-scale pipeline decommissioning phases in the Gulf of Thailand. The project involved cutting various pipelines, including 16’’ CWC pipeline and 18’’ x 70 grade pipelines, at water depths ranging from 80m to 100m. Over 600 cuts were successfully completed, with an average of 40 cuts per blade. The cutting operation was executed using crane deployment, with powered topside equipment facilitating precise and efficient cuts. The project involved cutting pipelines ranging from 16’’ OD, 1.25’’ WT, 2’’ CWC-coated gas pipeline to 8’’ OD, .5’’ WT pipeline.

Solution Provided

Decom Engineering delivered a comprehensive equipment and service solution to meet the project’s requirements. The solution included:

  • Chopsaw Spreads: Supply of 2 x C1-12 and 2 x C1-24 chopsaw spreads, optimized for different pipeline sizes and specifications, ensuring versatility and efficiency in cutting operations.
  • Project Management: Dedicated project management support was provided to oversee the entire decommissioning process, ensuring smooth execution and timely completion.
  • In-house Technicians: Experienced in-house technicians were deployed to provide on-site support and technical expertise, contributing to the success of the project.
  • 24/7 Technical Support: Continuous technical support was available round the clock to address any operational challenges and ensure uninterrupted progress.
  • Logistics Management: Efficient logistics management was employed to streamline equipment mobilization and deployment, minimizing downtime and optimizing project efficiency.

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