340mm Steel Pipe, X65 Steel

Case Study

Cut Overview: 340mm Steel Pipe, X65 Steel

Location: Aberdeen

Water depth / onshore : Onshore

Saw Used: C1-24

OD (mm): 340mm

WT (mm): 13mm

Located in Aberdeen, our test cuts on 340mm X65 steel pipes were completed onshore using our C1-24 saw. With a pipe diameter of 340mm and a wall thickness of 13mm, we conducted a total of 45 cuts, each showcasing the efficiency and precision of our cutting technology. The average cut time was an impressive 7 minutes, demonstrating the speed and effectiveness of our equipment. Notably, each blade endured over 45 cuts, highlighting its durability and longevity even in demanding cutting environments.

Cuts Performed

Cuts Per Blade

Avg, Cut Time (min)

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