C1 Chop Saw in Action:
Jumper Connector Recovery in West Africa

In the challenging depths of West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea, a crucial subsea jumper recovery project was successfully executed with the assistance of the C1-24 Chop Saw, provided by Decom Engineering. This article sheds light on the project’s overview, the products utilised, and the innovative solutions employed to ensure a seamless and efficient jumper connector recovery operation.

Project Overview

Located in the Republic of Congo, this jumper connector recovery project aimed to cut an insulated 6″ Duplex flowline at each end of the subsea jumper. The material composition consisted of 168.3mm Duplex with a 14.3mm wall thickness and an insulation outer diameter of 608mm. With a challenging water depth of 1050m, the project presented several technical complexities that required specialized equipment and expertise.

The C1-24 Chop Saw

To accomplish the demanding cutting operation, Decom Engineering provided the C1-24 Chop Saw, a highly reliable and efficient cutting tool designed specifically for subsea applications. The C1-24 Chop Saw is equipped with advanced features to ensure precision and safety in challenging underwater environments.

Key Project Details

Deployment Method: The C1-24 Chop Saw was deployed using remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) equipped with hot stabs, allowing precise control and positioning of the tool in the subsea environment.

Average Cut Time

With the aid of the C1-24 Chop Saw, the cutting operation of each jumper connector was successfully completed within an impressive average time of 1 hour and 15 minutes. This efficiency was achieved due to the tool’s robust design and advanced cutting capabilities.

Blade Performance

The C1-24 Chop Saw utilised a single blade per cut, demonstrating its durability and ability to handle the demanding cutting requirements of the project. The blade’s performance and longevity were vital in minimizing downtime and ensuring the operation proceeded smoothly.

Solution Provided by Decom Engineering

Decom Engineering offered a comprehensive equipment and service solution for the jumper connector recovery project. In addition to providing the C1-24 Chop Saw, they also supplied a hot stab package, which facilitated the precise and secure connection of the ROV to the subsea infrastructure. Furthermore, an independent clamping system was employed to ensure stability during the cutting process, enhancing safety and accuracy.


The successful recovery of subsea jumper connectors in West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea stands as a testament to the efficiency and effectiveness of the C1-24 Chop Saw provided by Decom Engineering. With its exceptional cutting capabilities, reliable performance, and the support of additional services, the C1-24 Chop Saw played a crucial role in completing the operation within demanding timeframes and challenging underwater conditions. Such innovative solutions continue to drive advancements in subsea infrastructure maintenance and ensure the continued success of projects in the region and beyond.


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