Decom CRT 202 (Coating Removal Technology):

This easy to operate machine has the capability of removing pipe coatings.

Our unique cold system allows removal of all pipe coatings to bare steel again for re-coating in a pipe mill and for the downgrading steel pipe market.

  • Decom have developed the worlds fastest pipe coating removal system. It has been designed & developed to remove all types of protective coatings including concrete weight coating, PE/PP, epoxy, bitumen and FBE.
  • It can remove PE coating at a rate of 150m2 per hour.
  • FBE removal at 60m2 per hour
  • It has been utilized for the recoating of pipe in pipe mills and recycling downgraded steel pipe.
  • It comes with a waste discharge belt to collect debris removed from pipe as well as its own incorporated air filter which can collect air particles of removed FBE allowing this machine to be operated inside a factory.
  • It is a completely cold process and will remove coatings in the most cost effective method possible.

Removal times for a 1.422m (56″) x 15mm Wt x 15m pipe.

It is a cold removal process and the typical energy consumption for the machine is in the order of 50 Amps hours. Therefore it is a very energy efficient and cost effective process.

Please see below for the removal rates:

Based on a 1.422m x 15mm x 15m pipe:

Coating = PE 10mm thick with FBE.
Surface Area = 65 metres sq

PE removal takes 25 minutes (150m sq per hour): All PE particles are collected and transferred to a collection hopper/skip for removal from site.

FBE removal takes 1 hour (60 m sq per hour): All FBE particles are collected using the on-board air handling system.

Electrical consumption during removal process = 50 Amp per hour

Options for Decom CRT 202 Coating Removal system:

1: Adjustable A-frame to allow increased pipe range above 1.4m (56″).
2: On board control panel with additional remote control panel.
3: Suitable rotators with variable speed control maximum load 20 tons.
4: Twin discharge conveyor for PE/PP removal and discharge into skip.
5: Tool station configuration:
TOOL No1 = 1No PP/PE scraper tool and holder
TOOL No2 = 1No longitudinal wire brushes .
TOOL No3 = 2No Transverse wire brush.
TOOL No4 = Longitudinal scraper tool and holder.
TOOL No5 = High speed belt sander.
TOOL No6 = Spiral pipe scraper tool.
6: 2WD drive carriage powered by electric geared motors with inverter drives, additional motor cooling packs fitted to allow for low speed travel.
7: Pipe loading blocks fitted to protect rotators during pipe loading operation.
8: On board dust control system with ducting to each tool station.
9: Electric hydraulic power pack with fixed displacement geared pumps.
10: Safety barrier provide with additional safety features such as hazard lights and machine movement sounders

We also offer the following machine options:
Mobile Pipe coating removal service- charged at m2 rate
Concrete coating removal equipment
Internal blasting equipment
Subsea coating removal (Image of yellow 3D model)