508mm ROVCON Head

Case Study

Cut Overview: 508mm ROVCON Termination Head, 6 inch Gas Injection, Outer: Carbon Steel, Inner 25% Duplex

Location: Havfram, Mauritania

Water depth / onshore : ~800mm

Saw Used: C1-24

OD (mm): 508mm (152mm Internal)

WT (mm): 35mm & 18mm

In Havfram, Mauritania, we successfully completed cuts on a 508mm ROVCON Termination Head, featuring a 6-inch Gas Injection pipeline with an outer layer of Carbon Steel and an inner layer comprising 25% Duplex material. Utilizing our C1-24 saw, equipped with blades capable of handling the substantial dimensions, we executed a total of 5 cuts. Each blade performed admirably, enduring 2 cuts on average, with an average cut time of 30 minutes per operation.

Cuts Performed

Cuts Per Blade

Avg, Cut Time (min)

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