´The pile cutter is a new concept to the piling world and is a new method of pile cropping.
´Over 6 years track record
´It can be attached to the excavator, where it gets its power or separate power pack.
´Reduces the danger associated with pile cutting whilst increasing speed and productivity.
´Its simple single blade design removes the problems and maintenance associated with more complicated dual blade systems.

´Increases productivity allowing contractors to meet schedules.
´Increased occupational safety on site.
´Reduces number of men required for pile cutting jobs
´Easy to use and easy to maintain.
´Can attach to any excavator or be craned into place.
´Zero Waste piling and more Environmentally Friendly

´The Decom Pile Cutter has two saws which can cut a range 100mm-500mm
´Due to its design it has a capability of cutting all shapes of piles and is not limited to square piles.
´We have two different set-ups, one to cut concrete and another to cut steel piles.
Capable of cutting all hardness of steels including chromium 13% alloy found in ex drill pipe
´It can be powered with most excavator breaker circuits or an independent power pack when being craned into position.
´All Saws are powered by a 12volt remote system. This can be used by the excavator operator or someone on the ground.
´With its single blade design, a blade can be changed in under 3mins.
´Blades can be re-sharpened over 10 times
´Typically achieving 50-100 cuts per blade before re-sharpening is required
´All Decom Pile Cutters come with a Decom Engineering warranty and service contracts. We advised parts from Decom Engineering are used to prevent any void of warranty.