Decom Engineering have developed a wide range of cutting equipment that uses our proven cold cutting technology.


C1 Chopsaw

This is a versatile single blade cutter with the ability to clamp and cut a wide range of sizes with the same saw, but also a wide variety of materials, some of which include:

We have completed cuts on:

  • Mooring chain- <3min cut time on 3”chain link
  • Flexible risers/umbilical’s
  • Steel pipe and Chromium alloy drill pipe
  • Rail track
  • Inconel Pins
  • Multi-string casings with grout
  • Pipe
  • The chopsaw range will provide the fastest and most accurate cut on the market today.
  • A hydraulically synchronized clamping system ensures easy mounting and can be carried out remotely.
  • A self-contained auto feed system is built into the saw when working to prevent blade damage. Feed rate can also be adjusted when working with harder materials.
  • This saw can be fitted with Decom Engineering’s Drilling and pinning unit, allowing the process of Cutting and Pinning to be completed with a single machine.
  • Hydraulic requirements: 45-60lpm at 110bar

Currently we offer four sizes of this saw:

  • 2”-10” OD cutting range
  • 2”-20” OD cutting range
  • 2”-30” OD cutting range
  • 2”-40” OD cutting range

Each saw can be customized to our customers request. This includes:

  • Specific clamping systems for your application. See below mooring chain clamps
  • Size and weight of each machine can be reduced
  • Blade technology can be adapted for the require material to be cut
  • Deployment methods

C4 Cutting Saw

The Decom C4 cutting saws have been designed for conductor recovery cutting. Three base models are available:

  • 26”
  • 30”
  • 36”

**Typical Cut time 12-15 minutes per cut

Each saw can cut through solid sections (conductors with cement filling) and can have Decom’s drilling and pinning units attached.

Drilling and pinning systems- The Drilling Units are utilized for the rapid and clean boring of holes from either side and through multiple casing strings. Load Pins are installed through the bored holes to provide cross-pinning, which holds the strings together for multiple string recovery and reduces inner string movement during cutting operations.

When used in conjunction with Decoms C4 series saws, they facilitate the cutting and pinning of casing strings for rapid recovery operations.

The system is independent of rig floor operations. The recovery method can therefore be further enhanced by the use of a hydraulic jacking system, (in place of the rig draw-works), to greatly reduce overall abandonment costs.


CR Radial Saw

A unique 6 blade cutting system, ideal for cutting large single string tubulars in the quickest time possible.